Bodies of Aryans Changed

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Bodies of Aryans Changed

Posted on 22-1-2012:

(includes a discussion on the bodies changing from the end of the Silver Age; hatha yoga and Ayurvedic practices; Agni as the digestive fire/jathara agni; bodies changing back into the divine state at the End)

The people who lived in the first half cycle were the true Aryans. More on the Aryans can be found at:


I wrote the article "WHO WERE THE ARYANS?" in 2001 or 2002. I have been wanting to add on more into that article but I did not want to change it. I have decided that I will not change anything in it, nor will I add anything more into that article. So, I have begun the article which I am writing now. Any additions on the Aryans will be made here.

At the beginning of the Silver Age, after the divine world was lost, the Aryans were no longer Aryans because the Aryans were those who had lived in the first half cycle. Further, some of the Aryans' skin, hair and eye colour also began to change during the Confluence between the Silver and Copper Ages. For example, my past birth who had walked out of the Silver Age (who had black hair and black eyes when he was born) had blue eyes and blonde hair by the time he was an adult. In visions, I did not see him being born because he was born in the divine world. But I could see him as he was growing up, after he had started walking (when the people had walked out of the divine world). At first, in visions, I had seen him running around as a child with long black hair. Then, I saw visions of him where his hair and eye colour were lighter, when he was older. The colour of his hair and eyes must have changed because European blood had got mixed into his blood (through marriages) during the first half cycle.

All genes change into the perfect state, at the End of the cycle. Even the genes of those who had different hair, eyes and skin colour would change to make the divine people (of the Golden Age/Satyug) have black eyes, black hair and fair/white skin. All the people, in the first half cycle had black hair, black eyes and fair/white skin because they were in their perfect state. When the genes change back into the ordinary state, the genes would go back to the state where the people will have different coloured skin, hair and eyes. Thus, when the genes began to change (when the divine world was lost) the genes of my past birth changed too. So, the colour of his eyes and hair got lighter. By the time he was grown up, he had blue eyes and blonde hair.

From 1997, when I was seeing visions of him with lighter hair colour, I was a little confused because I could not understand why he was being shown with different coloured hair. I was also not interested in how his body was changing to the imperfect state. I was also only hoping that he remained an Aryan so that I can understand the ways of the people in the divine world. I could not see what was in the first half cycle because it was in another higher dimension. With God's assistance, I could enjoy an experience of being Lakshmi or Narayan in that higher dimension. But I could not go and investigate so as to see what was existing in the divine world. If I tried to investigate, I would immediately lose my divine stage and I would come out of that higher dimension. There may have been a few reasons why I was losing my stage, when I tried to investigate. Maybe, one of the reasons was that memorieswere emerging of what had happened during the Confluence between the Silver and Copper Ages (after the divine world was lost). The furthest I could see, of what was happening to me, was from when I was a child who could walk (after I had walked out of the divine world).

Despite the fact that my past birth had blue eyes and blonde hair (by the time he was an adult) he was still seen as an Aryan, because he played an important role and, because he was from the divine world. Just because he was still seen as an Aryan does not make him an Aryan.

The people, who had walked out of the divine world, were trying to make sure that they do not lose their perfect world. Since their bodies were changing to become imperfect, they were studying their bodies and trying their best to keep it in the perfect state. Some things could not be changed. For example, nothing much could be done about the changing skin, eye and hair colour. But something could be done to keep the corporeal body as healthy as it was during the perfect state. The practices begun by those people, to keep the body healthy, also enabled the people to live long without diseases. While developing those practices, a lot of attention was given to the corporeal body. When they were also developing the theories for the 'calling-out process', those theories for the 'calling-out process' got included into the theories that were meant to keep the bodies healthy. So, the theories for keeping the corporeal bodies healthy began to include Agni because of the 'calling-out process' that was getting included into everything.

Agni means fire. The ancient people associated everything that involves fire, energy and heat to Agni. So, Agni was used to represent the deity souls and God's purifying energies at the End of the cycle (since the soul consists of energies). In the Ayurvedic practices (that were used to keep the bodies healthy)

Agni was also portrayed as the digestive fire/jathara agni because of the energy and heat involved during the digesting process.

In the Copper Age/Dwarpuryug, bhakti was inserted into everything so as to help people turn to religion and for the 'calling-out process'. Since Agni was seen as one of God's important roles during the Confluence Age/Sangamyug, importance began to be given to worship of Agni for perfect health. A reflection of this can be seen in the ayurvedic and hatha yoga practices.

The ancient people were trying to go beyond so as to get God's assistance etc. So, they also needed corporeal bodies that does not pull their attention away from their meditation. Thus, the hatha yoga practices were created to make sure that the bodies remained in as healthy a state, as possible, so that the meditator can easily go beyond and stay in that state without being pulled into the corporeal body (because of the imperfect state of the corporeal body and the imperfect state of the corporeal world).

Since the Ayurvedic and hatha yoga practices have included bhakti, so as to get the body into a very good state, anyone who uses them will enjoy the benefits of everything within those believe-systems. Thus, when one practices hatha yoga (with the relevant bhakti) one can feel like as if one's corporeal body has become as healthy as it was in the perfect state.

In the early 1980s, I was doing hatha yoga (along with the bhakti) to make my corporeal body go into the perfect healthy state. I began to see visions while I was doing those exercises (with the bhakti practices). I would see my corporeal body with a golden light and it would seem like as if my corporeal body was beginning to work in a perfect orderly manner. The experiences were very good. I stopped the hatha yoga practices when I decided to do my pre-law (in 1986).

In 2007, I had joined a gym where they had yoga/asana exercises without the bhakti practices. When I joined these classes, I noticed that the asanas/yoga was being done just like an exercise; and the body was just responding like how it does when we do exercises. It did not have the same effects as it had when the bhakti practices were done along with it. The hatha yoga believe system will actually help to give a healthier corporeal body.

From around 1997 onwards, I had seen visions where I (along with those involved with walking into the divine world) will be involved with yoga exercises and dancing. Thus, in 2002 (when one of my tenants kept telling me that she would like to do the hatha yoga exercises) I decided to start something new where we will do that which the people, who walk into the divine world, were doing in the visions. I decided to do the yoga exercises, like a dance, to BK songs in order to perfect our bodies (as it would while we are walking into the divine world). I was telling my tenants to contemplate on God and on the BK spiritual knowledge while we were doing the hatha yoga exercises. We were not using the bhakti practices. The experiences were very good. I would have experiences where I see myself, and the others exercising, transforming into the divine state. In the experiences, I would see both, the soul and corporeal body, transforming into the divine state. Then, a BK became one of my tenants and she joined the group. I decided to also use snake moves, during the exercises, since we were involved with immortality. In my experiences, I saw all the other tenants as transforming into the divine state while we were doing those snake moves too. However, in my experiences, I saw the BK first going into the state where she was going back to the Soul World. Then, I saw her Copper Aged memories emerging (where I was the snake goddess to whom she was doing bhakti from the Copper Age). I was not too happy with what I had experienced because I was trying to live a simple live and I did not want to think that I was being worshiped. When I came out of the experience, I started afresh (again and again) to see if I could get the BK into the state where she was also transforming like how the rest of us were transforming. But I would keep getting the same experience where she is in the state of going back to the Soul World, in the Naga stage; and then, in the Copper Age, she is doing bhakti to me and I take the form of the snake goddess while she is doing bhakti to me. Since I wanted to live a simple life, I did not like those experiences and so I stopped the exercises. My tenants would keep asking me to continue the exercises but I would tell them to do it by themselves. Just now (on 14-1-2012), as I was churning/contemplating to write this article, I was given the understanding that she was not one of those who would walk into the divine world. That was why she could not begin the process of transformation for her corporeal body. I was also given the understanding that she would play a huge role for bhakti from the Copper Age and so the memories of doing bhakti emerged from within her. The memories which are strong will easily emerge.

From 2007 onwards, after I joined the gym, I began to have experiences which informed that many of those 'in the gyms' will be involved with those 'walking into the divine world' or they will be those walking into the divine world too. Their specialty, which will be used in the new world, will be their expertise in dance and exercises. Those, in the divine world, will be dancing a lot; and there are also a lot of dancers in the gyms. Dancing is an entertaining way of keeping the body in a healthy state. Dancing and the hatha yoga exercises would help to keep the corporeal bodies healthy, as the corporeal bodies transform into their perfect state (at the beginning of the Golden Age/Satyug).


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