Endubsar and Scribes Co-operated with Reptilians

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Endubsar and other Scribes Co-operated with Reptilians

Posted on Nov 9, 2011:

(includes a discussion on what was happening after the Nuclear usage in the Copper Age and also on Endubsar, Enki, Jesus Christ, Nebuchadnezzar 2)

Endubsar was the offspring of Adapa and so he was a descendant of Enki. Thus, he was given a special role to play, as can be seen from the contents of the Attestation.

There was a custom, that was brought down from the Silver Age, where those who belonged to the royal family were given status to help the king to rule the kingdom. They were given posts similar to that of the present-day ministers, town councilors etc. At the end of the Silver Age, members of the royal family were also taught the sciences for re-building of the new civilisations for the Copper Age. Then, at the beginning of the Copper Age, spirituality (and those in the spiritual line) were also given a special role in the governance of the people. This is also why, in the Bible, Nebuchadnezzar 2 gave the Hebrews important positions in the governance of his lands. The acts of the scribes, and religious people, was expected to be such that they make sure that:

1. they carry out their duties as per the instructions and desires of the king

2. the people are well-behaved.

What scribes etc inscribed or wrote is also part of their duties relating to the governance of the people. They were duty-bound to act in a manner which will help the king to rule his people easily. Further, they had also been instructed, by the ruling clan, to get something written down. Since they have to do as instructed, they had written (what they were writing) in a way that would please the ruling clan. This was the custom of that time.

From the quote below, which is from the Attestation, it can be seen that Endubsar was being instructed for a further role which would help to keep the people behaving in a virtuous manner,

“my lord Enki said: And as for you, Endubsar, with a great god you have spoken, and though you have not seen me, in my presence you have been. Therefore you are blessed, and my spokesman to the people you shall be. You shall admonish them to be righteous, for in that lies a good and long life. And you shall comfort them, for in seventy years the cities will be rebuilt and the crops shall sprout again.”

The above instructions were meant to set the example to use the scribes so as to keep the people happy through informing the people of new cities, abundance of food etc that will exist in the future. This myth set a trend to give hope to the people that a beautiful world will be built for them soon or one day. It should be noted that the Nuclear usage, in the Copper Age, had just ruined civilisations. So people needed to be given hope that something good will come, sooner or later. This became a trend of that time and so, this was also what Jesus Christ was promising at that time. But then, these promises were also combined into that which would happen at the End of the Cycle. This is reflected in the words, in the Attestation, where it was said,

“And you shall comfort them, for in seventy years the cities will be rebuilt and the crops shall sprout again. There will be peace but there will also be wars. New nations will become mighty, kingdoms shall rise and fall. The olden gods shall step aside and new gods shall decree the fates. But at the end of days destiny shall prevail, and of that future it is foretold in my words about the past. Of all that, Endubsar, to the people you shall tell. … And the voice of the lord Enki said: The signs will be in the heavens, and the words to utter shall come to you in dreams and in visions. And after you there will be other chosen prophets. And in the end there will be a New Earth and a New Heaven, and for prophets there will be no more need.”

Enki's words "of that future it is foretold in my words about the past" reflects how that which will happen at the End of the Cycle is included into the past (that which took place in the Copper Age and at the End of the previous Cycle). Enki, my past birth, had visions that the past will keep repeating because time moves in a Cyclic manner. Tho royal Deity Souls at the end of the Silver Age, who were involved with being prepared for the re-building of the new civilisations that will have to be re-built in the Copper Age, were also informed that time repeats in a Cyclic manner. They were informed this through computerised machines etc which were informing them of all that they needed to know so that they can act accordingly. Thus, Enki (my past birth who had walked out of the Silver Age) had to accept that time repeats in a Cyclic manner as it did when the end of the Silver Age came (as per the prophecy that was revealed to them at the end of the Silver Age).

As written in the Attestation, Enki instructed Endubsar to preach after having written the Sumerian Tablets. In fact, one would notice that even those involved with getting the Christian and other scriptures written had been involved with preaching virtuous living. This was a trend that was set at the beginning of the Copper Age and it continued. Jesus Christ was not involved in writing because Christ was the founder of the Christian religion and 'king' in the Christian Kingdom. Kings don't write like scribes. So, Jesus Christ did not write. Others wrote about what Christ had said, done etc.

Enki was not only telling Endubsar to preach and comfort people of that time, that better times would soon come, but he was also asking him to let the people know of that which was destined to happen at the End of the Cycle. Since Enki was seen as setting the trend, one will see this kind of preaching even in other religious scriptures of that time. Thus, one can see signs of it in the Bible.

Enki's words “You shall admonish them to be righteous,” also paves the way for various believe systems so as to make the people behave in a righteous manner, though there was also the purpose of paving the way for the Confluence Aged service that would be carried out at the end of the cycle.

Endubsar having been in the presence of Enki, as in the Attestation, paves the way:

1. for following the instructions left behind by Enki (my past birth and those who were involved with Reptilian work after having walked out of the divine world).

2. for the believe systems where people will have visions of being in the presence of Enki/God and being guided by God. It helps to strengthen the believe systems so that God can give visions and get things done based on the believe systems.

3. to help continue giving force to the believe systems of the Copper Aged Reptilian Collective Consciousness, so that the souls of those past births are able to continue participating in getting things done, like God (through the Reptilian Collective Consciousness), though those past births are dead. It also helps to ensure that God continues to help based on the aims of the Copper Aged Reptilian Collective Consciousness.

Enki's words “signs will be in the heavens” include the Reptilian guidance that will be given through using their UFOs etc. Heaven also refers to the subtle regions of believe systems. The words, and all that the Reptilians do, will help to establish the religious believe systems through which people will see visions in the sky and in subtle regions. Based in these established believe systems, God will give visions and help.

Enki's words “The olden gods shall step aside and new gods shall decree the fates” reflects how Enki and the Reptilians knew:

1. that the royal descendants who become kings will be replacing the earlier ones as 'god',

2. that the non-deity religions will be taking the place of the Deity Religion for world rule.

When the Deity Souls were ruling, it was as if the pagan gods were ruling. Then, when the Christian Kingdom takes over, it is as if the God of the Christian Kingdom rules.

There is only one God. However, since God plays specific roles based on the different believe systems; each different role of God can be seen as the God of the specific believe system. This does not mean that there are many Gods. There are many gods (Deity Souls in the first half Cycle) but only one God for all human souls.

God's kingdom only exists in the first half Cycle because it is a divine kingdom. That which is not divine cannot be said to be God's kingdom. Since the vices are in existence, in the 2nd half Cycle, the kingdoms in the Copper and Iron Ages can only be seen as the rule of the vices. This has been represented by the rule of Ravana in Lanka, Hades in the Underworld, etc. But the rule of the vices exists in it's most powerful state at the End of the Cycle. Despite this, since it is a religion which is involved, the Christian kingdom was associated to God. Though most of the Christians have just come down from the Soul World (in the Iron Age), and so are quite virtuous because of that, the control and play of the vices can be seen (as we have been seeing it from the recent past until now during the rule of the Christian Kingdom). The Christian Kingdom has also been seen as the Kingdom of God because Christianity includes the deity souls as a group within the Christian religion.

Enki and the Reptilians were helping to pave the way for these other religions for many reasons, including:

1. to flow along with the World Drama and God,

2. to help guide people to become righteous,

3. to pave the way for confusion that was to exist by the End of the cycle (as per the World Drama),

4. to help support the new religious founders who would find it very difficult to begin their religion because the majority of the people, at that time, were those who belonged to the Deity Religion

5. to make sure that the divine world is re-created by God at the End of the Cycle through the bhakti and 'believe system' which they have helped to establish in the Copper Age,

6. etc.

Since Endubsar was a descendant of Enki, he would have been accustomed to the practices of adopting and adjusting to the wishes of Enki. The descendants of Enki were trained to follow the path laid down by Enki their respected elder/ancestor. This was also why Endubsar knew how to write on clay tablets as a scribe. He was trained to do it, since the descendants of Enki were trained in the various arts, craft-work, sciences etc. This was why Endubsar referred to himself as “master scribe”. The following quote from the Attestation shows that Endubsar knew of the tools that were used by scribes:

“And I saw a place arranged like a scribal workplace: a scribe's table and a scribe's stool, and there were finely shaped stones upon the table. But I saw no clay tablets nor containers of wet clay. And there lay upon the table only one stylus, and it glistened in the glowing as no reed stylus ever did.”

Enki and the Reptilians had made sure that their Reptilian service continues to be done through scribes, like Endubsar. Thus, the words of Enki, in the Attestation, reflect that those ancient people were trying to leave messages etc behind for the future (the End, which is now).

Based on all that which I have said, it can be said that Endubsar may have added some glamour and fantasy, or allowed some glamour and fantasy to be added, to what he was writing to make it sound good because it was the custom of scribes, at that time, to do that. Further, the one who spoke as Enki may have also added glamour and fantasy into what he was saying, and Endubsar may have known this. But despite this, he may have willingly done a 'cover-up' through what he had inscribed. The ruling clan were trying to make sure that their subjects were assured that something was being done to bring back the divine state (immortality) which had just been lost. They were also trying to keep their subjects happy after the usage of the Nuclear Weapons. And so the descendants of the ruling clan, like Endubsar, were trained to help keep the subjects happy and under control. So, the scribes would have acted accordingly to carry out the aims of the Reptilians.

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