Exodus, Moses, Ramses, Joshua and World Rule

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Exodus, Moses, Ramses, Joshua and World Rule

Posted on Oct 24 2011

The exodus was a myth that was created, at the beginning of the Copper Age, about how Moses assisted the Israelites so that World Rule can finally go into the hands of the Christians.

My Past Birth, who had walked out of the Silver Age, became aware that there was a need to help pave the way for those in the line of Abraham. Thus, he helped with the creation of the myth about Moses and Joshua. The Deity Souls, who took their first births in the Copper Age, began to make preparations for the role of Ramses. So, the myth developed as being about Moses, Ramses, Joshua and the Exodus.

My Past Birth, who had walked out of the Silver Age, had also played the role of Moses after it's creation. The role of Joshua actually represents Christ.

World Rule was supposed to pass over from the deity souls to the Christians in the Copper Age. The myth about Moses and Joshua was meant to portray this.

Moses was a role played by the Deity Souls. This way why, in the myth about the Exodus, the role of Moses ends when Moses hands over command to Joshua. Then, Joshua takes over and begins the conquest of the promised land (in the later part of the story). This will be explained later.

At the beginning of the Copper Age, the spiritual strength (of my past birth and the Ruler of the Ancient Kingdom in North India) was still quite high. So, we were influenced to start the process to hand over World Rule to the Christians. Thus, the myth and the Life-Dramas for the handing over of World Rule began.

There was an ancient custom where the father (who is the king) will wash the feet of the son and then place the son on the throne. Jesus Christ is said to have washed the feet of his disciples, on the night before his crucifixion. Though the act of washing the feet has a few significance, Jesus Christ was portrayed as washing the feet of his disciples because they were meant to take over after him for the development of the Christian Kingdom. It was for the establishment of World Rule for the Christian Kingdom. There was no Christian Kingdom at that time because there were hardly any Christian souls on earth at that time. Christ was the first to come down from the Soul World so as to start his religion. His followers will only come down after he has come down. Christ came down when the corporeal body of Jesus was grown up and ready to be used for beginning the Christian religion. So, there were hardly any Christian souls around at that time. Thus, the myth and Life-Dramas were created to paved the way for the Christian Kingdom to gain World Rule(as it should by the End of the Cycle).

In the myth, Egypt represented the kingdom of the Deity Souls. The Israelites being in Egypt (the kingdom of the Deity Souls) represented that World Rule was in the hands of the Deity Souls. Moses leading them away to their Promised Land represented that the Deity Souls were handing over World Rule to those in the line of Abraham.

Since the myth was also used for entertainment, during those ancient days, great emphasis began to be given to the exodus being about the departure of the Israelites from Egypt. Thus (since the story got developed in this way), in the second book of the Old Testament, the exodus got portrayed as the departure of the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt (led by Moses).

My past birth, who had walked out of the Silver Age, also played the role of Enki. As Enki, he was involved with handing the sciences down to the Hebrews so that they could be used for the building of the kingdom for those in the line of Abraham. This knowledge which the Jews possessed turned them into a great asset for building purposes. So, those who were involved with the development of the role of Ramses and who played the role of Ramses began to use the Jews for their building purposes. This, which had happened in the Copper Age, was also portrayed in the Exodus myth (in a dramatic manner).

Since the Exodus was for the passing over of world rule to those in the line of Abraham, the religions in the line of Abraham had to get developed for the new kingdom. Religions were a way of having a civilised society. Thus, God was portrayed as having given Moses, the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai during the Exodus.

For those in the line of Abraham and for the Christians, the Exodus was the initiative to hand over World Rule to those in the line of Abraham, especially to the Christians. But to those Deity Souls, who had converted themselves to play a role for this Life-Drama, this exodus represented the journey into the new divine world which is the promised land for the Deity Souls. This will only happen in the future, at the End of the Cycle. Only the Mapmakers will be able to understand as to what the myths represent because they were involved in the creation of these myths.

Since there are 2 groups within the Christian religion, the story about of the Exodus was created for both (the Deity Souls and those in the line of Abraham). That which was meant for the Deity Souls was camouflaged into the story. Those in the line of Abraham will not know or understand it until the End, when the Mapmakers explain (as I am doing now). For example, Ramses actually represents the Mapmaker and Nephilim roles that began from the Copper Age. The building works, in the Copper Age, were all geared for the roles of the Mapmaker and Nephilim. These Mapmaker and Nephilim roles will emerge at the End, so as to play their roles again as per the World Drama. However, the role of Ramses (as the Mapmaker and Nephilim) will come to an end before the creation of the divine world in the corporeal form. It will come to an end, just before the Deity Souls walk into the Golden Age. This was portrayed in the Life-Drama and myth (of the Exodus) with the part of Ramses coming to an end, when the parted river closes in on the Egyptians and the Israelites are free to move onto their promised land. For the Deity Souls, this part of the story represented the Deity Souls being miraculously being taken into their promised land (in the Golden Age). But for those in the line of Abraham, this part of the story was used to represent the freedom of the Israelites from the Deity Souls and their gaining 'world rule' (the whole world being their promised land). In the ancient life-Dramas, specific areas were used to represent the whole world etc.


Post 2 (posted on Oct 25 2011):

Moses was also portrayed as not continuing the journey into the promised land because those in the line of Abraham do not walk into the Golden Age. The divine world that exists in the Golden Age is the promised land of the Deity Souls. From this angle, Jesus Christ (represented by Joshua) can be seen as the Deity Souls who will be playing the role ofKrishna in the Golden Age. This was also a reason why there are similarities between Jesus Christ and Krishna. God only uses Christ (in the Copper Age) to begin the Christian religion; but God uses so many Deity Souls (in the Confluence Age) so as to begin the Deity Religion. These Deity Souls will be playing the role of Krishna in the Golden Age.

Moses was a role for establishing the religion in the line of Abraham. So, Moses represents those in the line of Abraham. Those in the line of Abraham do not walk into the Golden Age. They also do not take their next in the first half Cycle. They will come into the new Cycle from the Copper Age of the new Cycle.


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